Original Carvings and Sculptures

Lundy has been featured on two PBS television shows (Tennessee Crossroads and Tennessee’s Wildside), Nashville Arts Magazine and local newscasts. He is also a contributor to the international publication Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine featuring both his woodcarving and pumpkin carving. In his new book Realistic Pumpkin Carving, Lundy gives away all his secrets and techniques. Lundy also demonstrates pumpkin carving for corporate events and private parties. He has even carved pumpkins at The Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum of Art as well as parties for international movie stars, music stars and sports figures. In 2014 and 2015 Lundy won first place in the Kingston Springs “Fine Arts Competition” for his book carvings in three categories: Best In Show, Sculpture and Peoples Choice.

Artist Statement
Moving from Chicago to Minnesota as a child changed my life drastically. I was suddenly in a world of trees and lakes. I loved it immediately. My love of the outdoors and the critters and spirits of the woods grew with me into my adulthood. Later in life, I moved to Middle Tennessee where I have been for more than twenty-five years and consider this my home.

It all began with a piece of half rotted firewood. I was enjoying a campfire in the woods on my property one evening when for some reason, I stopped inches from the flames holding a hollowed log. I set it aside and later brought it into my house for closer inspection. One step led to another and before I realized it, there was a beautiful hollowed out log carved into flames. The piece is named "Firewood" of course. I regret selling it as that piece is what started it all. (View the photo on the Assorted Sculptures and Carvings page within the Gallery.)

Inspired and curious by what I assumed was an accidental piece of art, I took a walk in the woods and found a dead, dried and weathered branch. Using very old and dull chisels that had belonged to my father and grandfather, I began to carve a face. This too surprised my family and me as I could not draw anything more complicated than a ‘smiley face’. However, for unknown reasons I can see and create forms in three dimensions. I had not known this of myself and it immediately seemed like a natural fit to carve wood. It changed my attitude and my life. I dove in and educated myself on types of wood, tools and finishing techniques. Since then, I’ve included other mediums from pumpkins and golf balls to old encyclopedias and carve into the paper.

My chisels are no longer dull. I enjoy all aspects of carving and sculpting. Now, what seem like minutes are actually hours as I immerse myself in whatever medium inspires me. I allow the natural grain of a piece of wood or the shape of a pumpkin to dictate what the finished piece will be. Carving is a passion that will be with me for life. I believe everyone has a passion for something natural and creative. Those who have not found it yet only need to open their eyes and minds and allow themselves to see the forest
and the trees.

Lundy A. Cupp

Lundy Cupp is a carver and sculptor in the Nashville, TN area.