Available Works

16-1/2 inches tall.
This is Hooter the Great Horned Owl.
Hooter is a hopeless hooligan who has hay fever, a hernia, hemorrhoids and occasional heartburn after having hare for supper. He has a slight hangover from mixing a Highball, Hot Buttered Rum and a Hairy Naval last night but he’s happy. A little Hair of the Dog might help.
Anyway, Hooter is carved in white oak.
He’s a pretty big fella at 35 inches tall, 14 inches wide, 3-1/2 inches thick.
He can be hung outside but advised to hang in the shade out of direct sunlight.
Since he is a slab of raw wood, he will have surface cracks. There is no way to stop that. However, he is sealed with Spar Urethane to reduce cracking and protect from UV.
This is Dickens (as in the British slang term “What the Dickens” also meaning WTF!)
Don’t let the look on his face concern you. He’s fine…usually. Just a little nervous.
I suggest not startling him though. Coffee probably wouldn’t be a good idea either. Other than that, he’s pretty fun to hang out with.
Just over 12 inches tall.
This is Dare’n Dangerfield. He was a stuntman in Hollywood. He did many stunts in movies with Clint Eastwood, James Woods, Elijah Wood and many other awood winning actors. He took a lot of hard hits and broke almost every branch in his body. He’s a tough chunk and a Ladies Wood for sure. (Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter). But it’s time for him to retire and live the good life.
15-1/2 inches tall.
Meet “Spids” – (Meaning “Pointy” in Danish.
Needless to say, Spids gets right to the point…of everything.
17 inches tall, 17” wide.
“Fel” (Meaning – “Half” in Hungarian)
Fel is half-crazy, half-baked, half-cocked, half-a$$ed, half the calories and half-priced.
He is a half-chunk of splintered maple. 
If you have half a mind to have him in your life, let me know. He’s All yours.
22 inches tall.
He was a Branch Manager at Trees Are Us and is fully retired now. Wants to live the easy life and just hang around with cool folks and drink oak barrel bourbon.
15-1/2 inches.
This is “The Kingston Knight”.
He is carved in a very old decorative post that still contains old embedded nails deep inside.
He is 30 inches (2-1/2 feet tall).
This is Unshurman.
He’s just not sure about any of it.
12 inches tall.
Benjamin The Dragon.
Carved in Cypress Knee
11-1/2 inches wide.
“The Shaman”
Mask – Wood / Hemp rope / Acrylic paint. 
36 inches tall (3 feet).
“Stepping Out”
A flirt in the Baroque period. Carved in Cypress Knee. 
The entire piece including the solid marble base is 14 inches tall.
“The Filly” Carved in Black Walnut. 32 inches tall with steel base. Eyes colored with artist oil paint. Finished with hand-rubbed oil / urethane mix. $5300.

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